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It’s no secret that the human body is incredibly vulnerable to our contaminated environment – and humankind only continues to make the damage worse in the pursuit of modern-day advancements. Every single day we are constantly being bombarded with chemicals and heavy metals. They exist in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the fields we harvest in (with the use of pesticides), and the animals and fish we eat.


Heavy metals, like Cadmium and Mercury among countless others, are constantly embedding themselves in our brain, bones, organs, and tissues at the cellular level- with every breath and bite we take. The next time you eat sushi, which has a high probability of having Mercury in it, paint your home, breathe in that new car smell, or install a new carpet, or breathe the air outside, know that nearly everything releases harmful chemicals for you to breathe in or ingest.

CLEARDROPSTM is the only Patented zeolite water solution!

CELLiS® CLEARDROPSTM developed by world-renowned MAYO Clinic cardiovascular surgeon Nikolaos Tsirikos PharmD, MD, PhD, FETCS, and is the only Patented zeolite water solution, with U.S. Patent No 9,629,874. CLEARDROPSTM has the ability to cross cellular membranes and is the cleanest, purest Zeolite product available in the world.

With CELLiS CLEARDROPSTM, you CAN and WILL feel increased energy, mental clarity, vitality, and endless benefits from boosted gut health and overall organ functioning, which helps aid in weight loss too!


By taking .5 ml or 10 drops twice daily, in 8 oz of water you can NATURALLY, SAFELY, and EFFECTIVELY decontaminate your body at the cellular level, ridding you of harmful heavy metals and toxins that weave their way into every fiber of your being. There’’s no need to undergo 20-40 or more IV Chelation treatments in a clinic, which are very costly and time-consuming.

The air we breathe, the water we drink or bathe in, the foods we ingest…

Heavy metals and pollutants are all around us. WE have a Solution!

The world’s only patented water-soluble zeolite
Formulated by world renown cardiovascular specialist Dr Nikolaos Tsirikos Karapanos PharmD, MD, PhD, FETCS

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